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Anti-Vax Cartoonist Says He’s Treating Severe COVID With Beet Juice




Ben Garrison, a conservative cartoonist who has posted a load of anti-vax propaganda during the pandemic, says he’s come down with a bad case of COVID—and is turning to beet juice to save himself.

As noted by The Daily Beast “Garrison made a name for himself during the Trump years with viral cartoons that were heavy with conspiracy theories and depicted the exercise-avoiding ex-president as a hyper-masculine, square-jawed beefcake.”

Speaking to Gizmodo, Garrison confirmed he and his wife have caught COVID and revealed his self-treatment.

“We’re taking Ivermectin and various vitamins including a lot of zinc, and lots of beet juice,” Garrison said.

While none of his named treatments have been proven to treat or prevent the coronavirus, Garrison remains defiant in his views, saying: “We will never take their foul spike protein-producing jabs, which are neither safe nor effective. They’re not real vaccines.”

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