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Angry Cop Pulls Gun On Young Girl As He Tries To Arrest Her Mom For Not Carrying ID With Her



Angry cop pulls gun on teen

A North Carolina teen says a police officer pointed his gun at her for exiting the car to call 911 as the officer attempted to arrest her mother for not having her ID on her.

During the stop, the officer claimed he thought she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt, but she was, according to the teen. The officer then asked for her identification, which she didn’t have.

“After she gave him her full name and date of birth, he continues to rip my mom out of her vehicle,” the teen says that he “failed to tell her why she was being detained.”

At that point, she said that she stepped out of the car to call for help when he pulled his weapon on her and her younger sister.

A video posted online shows the officer pulling his gun out and holding it sideways at the teen who was on her phone. He then pointed the gun at her mother, who he was trying to detain.

“Don’t point a gun at her!” the mother exclaims.

“Well, tell her to get back in the car,” the officer shouts back. He ultimately put his gun back in the holster.

The officer said that she was lying about her name and called her an “illegal immigrant.”

Watch the video below.