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Anderson Cooper Stunned After George Santos’ Ex-Roommate Drops Bombshell On CNN



George Santos

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper couldn’t contain his surprise at an anecdote from a former roommate of serial liar Rep. George Santos (R-NY).

Appearing on CNN Tuesday night, Gregory Morey-Parker told Cooper that Santos stole a Burberry scarf that was gifted to him by his best friend on the anniversary of his grandfather’s death.

As Morey-Parker talked with Cooper about the alleged theft, the network aired video footage of Santos talking at Donald Trump’s pre-Capitol riot “Stop The Steal” rally in Washington in January 2021.

“I understand he was actually wearing something he took from you at a pre-Jan. 6th rally in Washington? Is that the scarf?” Cooper asked Morey-Parker.

“Yes. If you can believe this,” Morey-Parker responded.

“Wait a minute! He’s wearing the scarf?” asked a visibly stunned Cooper.

“A stolen scarf to a steal-the-election rally,” Morey-Parker replied. “You have to love the irony. And the audacity, quite frankly.”

Watch the interview below from CNN.