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Alabama Judge Suspended For Mocking Asian Juror, Telling Defendants They’d Be Raped, And Hurling Profanities In Court



Judge James T. Patterson

An Alabama judge has been suspended after allegedly mocking an Asian juror, telling defendants they would be “butt-raped” in prison, and repeatedly cursing in his courtroom.

According to Huffington Post, Mobile County’s 13th Circuit Judge James T. Patterson, a Republican who was elected in 2016, was suspended last month following an ethics complaint from Judicial Inquiry Commission, the state agency charged with investigating complaints against Alabama judges.

The complaint, made public on Wednesday, details Patterson’s inappropriate behavior, including an incident where he asked a jury pool that included an Asian American if everyone spoke “Engrish,” mocking an Asian accent.

Patterson also made references to defendants being sexually assaulted in prison, reported, citing the complaint.

“When covering a docket for the presiding judge, Judge Patterson said more than once to defendants that they would be ‘butt raped in the penitentiary,’” he said.

The judge also mocked Gov. Kay Ivey, 77, by calling her “Governor MeMaw” over the governor’s decision to issue a stay-at-home order at the start of the pandemic.

The commission said Patterson often used inappropriate language in the courtroom, and on at least one occasion made the mother of a defendant cry.

“In court, Judge Patterson has used the following words: ‘f*ck,’ ‘sh*t,’ ‘bast*ard,’ ‘a*s,’ and ‘a*shole,” the complaint said. “According to his former court reporter, Judge Patterson used the word ‘a*s’ all the time in court as if it was his favorite word.”

The commission charged Patterson with inappropriate demeanor and temperament and abuse of judicial authority.

“Judge Patterson’s conduct has degraded the public’s confidence in the integrity, dignity, and decorum of the judiciary and brought the judicial office into disrepute,” the complaint said.

The judge could potentially be removed from office, according to the report.

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