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Adam Kinzinger Responds To Jeanine Pirro Lashing Out At Geraldo Rivera For Saying ‘Putin Was Playing Trump’



In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Fox News personalities have been trying hard to blame Joe Biden for the conflict by insisting that Putin’s aggression never would’ve occurred under former President Donald Trump.

Trump’s submissive behavior toward Putin generated headlines throughout his time in the White House. The former President sided with the Russian dictator over the findings of U.S. intelligence officials, believing Putin’s lie that Russia didn’t seek to interfere in the 2016 election to benefit Trump. He also delayed congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine back in 2019 and tried to bribe President Volodymyr Zelensky into finding dirt on his political rival Joe Biden. The move resulted in his first impeachment.

Most recently, as Russian troops made their incursion into Ukraine, Trump praised Putin’s strategy as “smart” and even “genius.”

But don’t mention any of this to far-right pundit Jeanine Pirro, who recently railed against Fox News co-host Geraldo Rivera for suggesting that Putin “played” Trump during the latter’s presidency.

Pirro argued that Biden was responsible for the decline of the west and that Putin didn’t invade Ukraine while Trump was President because he feared Trump’s retaliation, prompting Rivera to respond, “How do you know Putin wasn’t playing Trump?”

Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) responded on Twitter, saying that he agrees with Rivera that Putin was “playing” Trump during his time serving in the White House.

Check the video and Kinzinger’s response below:


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