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Actor Michael Rapaport Delivers Blunt ‘Goodfellas’ News For Trump: ‘Time to Face The Music Like a Man’



Michael Rapaport
Actor Michael Rapaport went ballistic on former President Donald Trump, telling him to face the consequences of his actions like a man. (YouTube screenshot)

In an unapologetically scathing tirade, actor Michael Rapaport delivered a brutal reality check to former President Donald Trump, leaving no room for mincing words. The award-winning actor took to YouTube to unleash a scorching rebuke, pulling no punches as he drew parallels between Trump’s legal woes and the classic mob film “Goodfellas.”

Rapaport didn’t hold back as he advised Trump to “take your pinch like a man,” referring to the pivotal moment in “Goodfellas” where young Henry Hill accepts responsibility for his actions, earning begrudging respect from mobster Jimmy Conway. But, according to Rapaport, the former president has proven himself to be anything but stoic.

With palpable disdain, Rapaport blasted Trump for “whining” and “complaining,” resorting to finger-pointing like a petulant child caught red-handed. The actor left no doubt that he had no patience for Trump’s attempts to dodge accountability for his actions.

“Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time,” Rapaport scathed, driving home the message that Trump’s actions have consequences that he must face head-on.

Rapaport’s warning didn’t end there. He made it abundantly clear that Trump’s legal troubles are far from over, and he’s about to face an unforgiving storm. Trump’s criminal trial, slated for allegedly mishandling government documents, looms large on August 14. In addition to that, he faces indictment in New York over a hush money payment and a haunting investigation in Georgia for attempting to overturn the 2020 election.

“August is gonna be a rough month for you,” Rapaport coldly remarked, punctuating his words with the promise of more impending legal woes for the former president.

In a verbal onslaught, Rapaport didn’t reserve his criticism solely for Trump. He extended his wrath to former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga), not sparing them from his harsh judgment.

The actor’s piercing words serve as a stark reminder that Trump can’t evade the consequences of his actions forever. Whether Trump will heed this unforgiving advice and face the music like a man remains to be seen.

Watch the video below:

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