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A ‘Republican For Biden’ Movement Is Organizing To Take Down Trump: Report



Donald Trump’s non-stop screw-ups have finally hit a nerve with traditional Republican voters who are secretly organizing to take down the erratic president, the Daily Beast reports.

According to the news outlet, there are efforts underway to organize a more formal “Republicans for Biden” effort.

“Interviews with several of the most prominent NeverTrump Republicans reveal that for now, the nascent effort is loosely defined and could ultimately take a variety of forms. But preliminary talks about messaging, engagement, leadership, and roll out are starting to be broadly sketched out,” The Beast reported, citing “sources directly familiar with the matter.”

One former top GOP official summarized the situation: “I’ve had several conversations with people who have approached me. It’s going to take off, it’s going to happen,” the former official told The Beast. “The question is to what degree and form it does.”

The report also points out who may be involved.

“Among the GOP’s more ardent anti-Trump faction, several names came up in conversation when asked who could theoretically have a role in an outside political entity, which would not be allowed under campaign finance laws to coordinate with the campaign directly. Those names include former Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Wisconsin-based political analyst Charlie Sykes, conservative media giant Bill Kristol, former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, longtime campaign operative Steve Schmidt, former Rep. David Jolly (R-FL), and columnist Mona Charen, among others,” The Beast reported.

The movement unfolding behind the scenes has clearly rattled Trump, who has been fuming in recent days as “Never Trump” Republicans attack him from the right.

This week, Trump repeatedly lashed out at the activists behind The Lincoln Project, who are long-time GOP operatives whose “Mourning in America” ad spread virally online. Now, a

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