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73 Percent Of CEOs And Business Leaders Strongly Support Biden’s Stimulus Plan For Americans



A new poll released Wednesday found that 73 percent of the CEOs and business leaders polled during Wednesday’s virtual Yale CEO Caucus support Biden’s American Rescue Plan. That includes a majority who indicated “strong” support for the package.

This suggests the business community is even more supportive of Biden’s plan than Americans at large as a CNN poll released Wednesday showed 61% of the public supports the legislation.

“This is a big day and we’re very thankful for what the administration is getting done and what Congress is getting done with this bill,” American Airlines CEO Doug Parker said during the Yale event.

Asked about the plan’s price tag, Parker added that while there will always be those who think something can be done for less, “that’s not the bigger point. The bigger point is there is broad public support for this bill. And that’s certainly true among those of us that are running airlines.”