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Trump Loyalist Calls For Hanging Of 19 ‘Traitors’ U.S. Senators For Voting To Avert Gov. Shutdown



Joe Oltmann

Speaking on Friday’s episode of the Conservative Daily podcast, Colorado-based far-right activist and Donald Trump loyalist Joe Oltmann called for the mass hanging of 19 U.S. senators who, in his view, are “traitors” to the country for voting to avert a government shutdown this week.

“There’s your list of 19 traitors to the American People, along with all the other traitors to the American people,” Oltmann said in a video of the podcast reported by Raw Story.

“I want people to go out there and get some wood. The gallows are getting wider and longer. We should be able to build gallows all the way from Washington, D.C. to California,” the right-wing commentator said.

According to RS, “Oltmann is the leader of FEC United, a right-wing group that has its own militia,” and has frequently peddled in violent and extremist rhetoric, asserting that he “sees a war coming.”

Oltmann is also a frequent peddler of Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ about the 2020 election results.

Watch the video below:

Read it on Raw Story.