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10-Year-Old Boy Donates Birthday Money To Cat Adoption Cafe



Last week, Ivan Troychock celebrated his 10th birthday. But instead of presents, he asked for donations for “Cats in Bloom,” a cat cafe, WNEP reports.

“Cats in Bloom” has been on Main Street in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, since November. All of the cats at this cafe are available for adoption. So far 55 felines have been adopted.

“A number of people just come really to enjoy the companionship, to play with them. Most people aren`t looking to adopt but it`s a great place to do it,” Diane Leonard said.

The Troychock family from Buckhorn visits the cat cafe frequently.

“I really like cats. They’re my favorite animal. Being able to see them, a lot of them in the same place,” Ivan Troychock said.

“Cat food, cat toys, and cat litter and a bed. On his actual birthday, we brought that in. Once people heard we were collecting it spread,” Rachel Troychock said.

Ivan’s mom Rachel posted about the birthday fundraiser on Facebook. Two churches got involved as well as friends and strangers. Ivan raised $500 for Cats in Bloom.

“I`m super proud I`m really just thrilled that he found something he was passionate about and that he could help,” Rachel said.

Ivan says he’s happy to help.

“When they`re not adopted and they`re still here I want to make sure they have a happy time here,” Ivan said.

Ivan says when he gets older he wants to volunteer at Cats in Bloom.

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