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Woman Nearly Crushed As Giant Boulder Crashes Into Her Living Room, Home Security Video Shows



Giant boulder Hawaii

Terrifying home security footage has emerged online showing the moment a woman narrowly escaped a massive boulder that came crashing through the walls of her new home in Honolulu, Hawaii over the weekend.

Caroline Sasaki of Honolulu told local NBC affiliate “Hawaii News Now” that the incident occurred just before midnight, as she was walking toward the couch in her living room to watch TV.

Authorities said the boulder, which is 5 feet high and 5 feet wide, scraped a family car before it barreled through the cinderblock wall of Sasaki’s home. It then crashed through the living room and another wall before coming to rest in a bedroom.

Sasaki told the station that she’s been told if she had taken “one more step, I probably wouldn’t be here.”

“I heard the loud boom, and apparently, the boulder passed right in front of me, which I didn’t know,” Sasaki told “Hawaii News Now.” “I didn’t see it. All I heard was the boom and then somebody asking me if I was OK.”

“Basically, I’m in shock,” Sasaki said. “I refuse to look at the videos, so I — I’m not sure how close — but everybody’s telling me I’m lucky.”
Watch the video below.


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