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Woman Arrested After Her Dog Bites Customer’s Face Inside Home Depot



Dog bites customer at Home Depot

A Home Depot customer was bitten in the face by a dog while shopping in Colorado, local authorities said. The dog owner has been arrested they added.

According to a police affidavit, the customer was visiting a Home Depot in Evergreen when the dog’s owner and trainer approached them.

The dog owner asked the customer to give the dog a treat as part of its training. The customer agreed – and then was swiftly bitten in the face by the canine.

Dog bites customer at Home Depot

Source: Evergreen Police Department.

The dog owner and trainer then left the building while store employees were tending to the victim. Both women were recorded on the store’s surveillance camera.

Police say that the victim sustained “serious” injuries and will need facial surgery because of the attack.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office told Fox News Digital that they posted surveillance pictures on Thursday to seek help in identifying the woman. They located the suspect later that night.

“The owner would be held accountable for restitution or in the event of any enforcement action,” the sheriff’s office said. “For dog bites, the dog is quarantined at their home for 10 days, to ensure the dog is not exhibiting any behaviors associated with rabies.”

No charges have been announced yet.

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