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WHO RAISED YOU?: Kevin McCarthy Ripped Over Treatment Of Nancy Pelosi



Mika Brzezinski slams Kevin McCarthy

During Friday’s edition of On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, co-host Mika Brzezinski tore into House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) for his “disgusting” treatment of outgoing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi on Thursday gave a major speech announcing she would be stepping down from the House Democratic leadership. It was a historic moment for the most consequential Speaker of the House. But the GOP leader was noticeably missing — as were the majority of the House Republicans — when Pelosi gave her emotional speech, with many of them holding their own mini-press conferences to announce their own plans to be a thorn in the side of President Joe Biden’s administration.

Asked why he didn’t attend the speech, McCarthy offered up, “I had meetings. But normally the others would do it during votes. I wish she could have done that — could have been there.”

Unlike McCarthy, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) issued a statement praising Pelosi despite their differences — something McCarthy apparently couldn’t bring himself to do since he is at the mercy of the far-right members of his caucus.

That prompted Brzezinski to address McCarthy directly, asking him: “who raise you?”

“First woman to serve as Speaker, an amazing career, a mother of five, and by the way, her husband was just attacked as a result of political violence,” Brzezinski began. “This would have been the moment to step up and show some grace.”

“Who raised you?” she asked. “Who raised these people? I’m sorry, who raised you? Who raised you, Kevin McCarthy, who raised you, Republicans in the House.”

“Seriously. — try and imitate somebody with just an ounce of grace, try and make your mother proud for one second,” she continued. “It’s disgusting, it’s disappointing and not to me. You’re the one who has to look in the mirror every day.”

Watch the video below from MSNBC.


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