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White Woman Punched To The Ground After Slurring The N-Word At Black Customer: Watch



An altercation was caught on video at a Sacramento, California convenience store between a white woman and black woman after the white woman shouted the N-word.

The video, which was posted by TMZ, shows an exchange between the two women that turned into a brawl. The white woman claims that she said “excuse me” but the black woman heard something different.

The Black woman then says she’ll beat the hell out of the white woman if she ever uses a racial slur again, and then repeatedly demands that she say it.

That’s when the white woman said the N-word again and the black woman started swinging punches.

According to TMZ, “The Sheriff’s Office says so far no suspect has been identified, charged or arrested … despite the black woman’s husband claiming on social media she was arrested for assault.”

Take a look at the video footage below:

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