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What On Earth Are Republicans Doing?



House Republicans
House Republicans after electing Mike Johnson as speaker. (Photo: Archive)

Since reclaiming the majority in the House, Republicans have invested an inordinate amount of energy in inconsequential pursuits, such as the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden and Jim Jordan’s continual interference in criminal investigations. Furthermore, the in-party strife has turned Congress into a realm of turmoil.

They ousted their former Speaker, substituting him with a conservative leader determined to slash crucial provisions for women and children. Their fixation on revenge, unfounded allegations regarding January 6, and an inclination toward conspiracy theories appears to be consuming them.

Almost three years down the line, Republicans are still caught in a cycle of deceit, akin to a hamster endlessly running on a wheel, as they persist in distorting the reality surrounding the January 6 insurrection. It wasn’t a calm demonstration; it was an assault on members of Congress, an unsuccessful coup endeavor that left a trail of destruction.

Despite compelling evidence, however, Republicans continue to label the culprits as “patriots.”

It seems Republicans are content looking foolish if it appeases a small faction of the population. But political experts predict their strategy will backfire.

Everyone has seen enough of the footage to reveal the truth about January 6: vandalism, bashing cops, attempted murder, and limitless stupidity from people dumb enough to listen to Donald Trump.

This foolishness extends to Republicans in Congress. Senator Mike Lee’s baseless claim of an undercover federal agent among the rioters only adds to their misguided narrative.

If Republicans believe they can win elections by spreading lies and behaving like clowns, they’re sorely mistaken. And perhaps those who continue voting for them will one day realize they’re wasting their votes on these fools.