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WH Insider Throws Trump Under The Bus: He Blew Of COVID-19 Warnings In February And Thinks He’s Biggest Victim Of Pandemic



Gabriel Sherman of Vanity Fair spoke with a White House insider about Donald Trump’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the inside source, Trump spent Memorial Day Weekend “in a f-cking rage” because he thinks he’s being treated unfairly when it comes to his response to the coronavirus pandemic. Not only that, but the source claims that Trump sees himself as the biggest victim of the pandemic – despite nearly 100,000 people losing their lives to the virus and over 38 million people being out of a job.

“Trump’s outburst reflected his growing frustration that, at this stage of the race, he is losing to Joe Biden,” writes Sherman. “According to a Republican briefed on the campaign’s internal polls, Trump is trailing Biden by double digits among women over 50 in six swing states. ‘Trump knows the numbers are bad. It’s why he’s thrashing about,’ the Republican said.”

“Even those closest to Trump have been privately worried the election is slipping away,” Sherman continues. “According to a source, Melania Trump warned the president during their trip to India in February to take the virus response seriously. ‘He totally blew her off,’ the source said. Melania later told people that Trump ‘only hears what he wants to hear and surrounds himself with yes-people and family,’ the source added.”

When it comes to the White House’s plan to get things back in track, Trump himself is the biggest obstacle.

“Trump is doing it to himself by tweeting idiotic conspiracy theories about Joe Scarborough. Women are tired of this shit,” a former West Wing official told Sherman.

You can read Sherman’s full report HERE.

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