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Watch Chris Wallace Destroy Trump Adviser Jason Miller’s Credibility: ‘ You’re Losing’



On Sunday, Fox News’s Chris Wallace pressed Donald Trump’s senior adviser Jason Miller about whether the president’s reelection campaign would accept foreign assistance in 2020, and challenged Miller to admit that Biden is beating Trump in the polls.

Miller initially called Wallace’s questions “silly” and said presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden would be beaten “fair and square.”

Wallace also asked Miller about the president’s tweet last week suggesting the election should be delayed due to mail-in voting.

“The election is going to be on Nov. 3,” Miller said, claiming that “the problem is that these Democratic governors are the ones who want to go ahead and move the election” by extending the window for mail-in voting.

Wallace asked Miller what the president intended to do about the issue, to which Miller responded, “Ultimately, it’s the governors at the state level who have to be responsible for their states.”

“You seem to be saying what didn’t work for the coronavirus is what’s going to work for mail-in voting,” Wallace countered.

Wallace then challenged Miller after he downplayed polls showing President Donald Trump trailing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“How do you turn this around because at this point, Jason, you’re losing?” Wallace asked.

Miller claimed that, despite public polling indicating Biden with a substantial lead both nationally and in battleground states, “we’re doing much better than the public polling.”

Wallace pointed out that the Trump campaign recently replaced Brad Parscale as campaign manager and paused advertising, saying, “It seems to me you hurt your credibility if you don’t admit, ‘Yeah, we’re losing, and we’ve got to turn things around.’”