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Video Appears To Show a Richmond Police Officer Spitting 3 Times On Detained Protester



A video posted on Twitter appears to capture a Richmond, Virginia, police officer spitting on a protester multiple times.

The video, which has been watched by more than 35,000 people, shows a protester detained on the ground surrounded by 10 police officers, and another law-enforcement officer fully outfitted in riot gear is stationed nearby.

One police officer appears to lean over and spit on the man.

“Yup, got that,” a woman shouts.

“We got that on camera, a–hole!” another yells.

Seemingly unperturbed, the officer repeats the action.

“Hey, we see you,” a woman says loudly.

The officer does it a third time.

“Yup, still doing it,” she says.

It’s unknown whether the officer had the novel coronavirus — which spreads via droplets from an infected person’s coughs, speech, or sneezes — or was otherwise trying to threaten the demonstrator’s health.

The Department of Justice has categorized the coronavirus as a “biological agent,” so “threats targeting specific individuals” can be prosecuted as acts of terrorism.

Take a look:

The Richmond Police Department is investigating the incident according to Business Insider.