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Two GOP Lawmakers Slapped With $5,000 Fine Each For Violating Security Protocol To Enter House Floor



Two House Republicans became the “first members of Congress to be fined for violating the new security protocols off of the House floor since the fines were instated earlier this week,” CNN reports.

The lawmakers, Reps Louie Gohmert of Texas and Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia, have both been fined $5,000 for not following the new security measures. Clyde refused to go through the metal detectors as he entered the House floor while Gohmert left the House floor and did not stop to be screened a second time before entering the chamber again.

The fines, which are meant to punish members who fail to complete security screenings prior to entering the House floor, will be deducted from members’ salaries by the chief administrative officer, according to the new rule passed Tuesday. A second offense will result in a $10,000 fine.

Gohmert told CNN that he didn’t receive the fine until Friday morning and that he will be appealing, but had not yet spoken to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Clyde told Fox News on Friday that he will “fight” the fine against him, claiming the policy violates the Constitution.

“I’m going to appeal it, and then, I’m going to take them to court because this is unconstitutional,” he told Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, according to CNN.

Clyde also said he’s dodged the screening protocols “a couple of times” since the incident he was fined for, which he said took place “a couple of days ago,” adding: “So I’m probably up to 25,000 by now,” he added.

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