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Twitter CEO Just Donated $3 Million To Colin Kaepernick’s Legal Defense For Protesters



Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey announced Wednesday that he is donating $3 million of his own money to Colin Kaepernick’s fund to pay legal costs for protesters who get arrested while fighting for justice for George Floyd.

Kaepernick said he’s already assembled a top-notch team of defense attorneys to help out, but they’ve been asking for donations from supporters on the outside.

Well, Dorsey has answered the call with a HUGE 7-figure donation, saying he’s putting up $3 million of his own money into a new fund he calls Start Small, LLC, aimed at Kaepernick’s Know Your Rights Camp.

Dorsey’s pledge continues a string of donations to noble causes. He previously donated $1 BILLION to COVID-19 relief, and joined forces with Rihanna for a $4.2 million grant for domestic abuse victims in Los Angeles.