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Trump Congratulates Mike Johnson, Takes Credit For Electing Him as House Speaker



Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump. (Photo: Imgur)

In a predictable move, former President Donald Trump wasted no time in claiming credit for the victory of new House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson.

Amidst the backdrop of his civil fraud trial triumph, Trump offered congratulations to Johnson, asserting, “He will be a great Speaker of the House, and we were very happy to help.”

The Louisiana-based Republican clinched the position on Wednesday, filling the void left by Kevin McCarthy’s departure three weeks earlier.

Highlighting the speed with which Trump seized the opportunity to bask in the limelight, he declared, “At this time yesterday, no one was thinking of Mike — and then we put out the word, and now he’s the Speaker of the House.”

Trump, not one to shy away from self-praise, labeled Johnson a “tremendous man” and predicted he would “make us all proud.”

Trump had initially thrown his support behind Rep. Jim Jordan for the speaker role, but Jordan fell short of securing the necessary votes.