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Trump Violated Residency Agreement At Mar-A-Lago And Is Now Under Investigation



Donald Trump has been out of office for 8 days and he’s now facing an investigation for violating an agreement that doesn’t allow him to reside at his Mar-a-Lago residence.

“While under financial stress in 1993, Trump sought to monetize the residential mansion by turning it into a club, but the deal he struck with the town to allow that stipulated he could only live there for seven consecutive days and 21 days in a year,” reported Nicolas Reimann of Forbes. “Trump has lived there since leaving the White House, and has spent long stretches at the resort in the past, but Palm Beach has never enforced the residency clause, according to The Palm Beach Post.”

It was reported after Trump left office that many Palm Beach residents were disgusted that the former president would live among them. Those same residents reportedly wrote letters urging the local government to look into the agreement as a means of kicking him out — and it appears they are now listening.

“Town Manager Kirk Blouin told the Associated Press that the town is considering its options and the matter could be brought up at Palm Beach’s February council meeting,” continued the report.

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