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Trump Supporters Are Now Calling For The Hanging Of Dr. Fauci And Bill Gates



As governors across the U.S. are taking steps to minimize the coronavirus spread while reopening the states, Donald Trump’s supporters are demanding the lifting of all restrictions and some are resorting to violence and intimidation to achieve their goal. Not even reporters are exempt from their wrath.

During an anti-lockdown protest in Commack, New York for News 12 Long Island on Thursday, News 12 reporter Kevin Vesey was accosted by Trump supporters who invaded his personal space.

“I’ll probably never forget what happened today,” Vesey posted on Twitter.

“I was insulted. I was berated. I was practically chased by people who refused to wear masks in the middle of a pandemic,” he explained.

The video showed a man with a Trump T-shirt and a “Make NY Great Again Sign” who tried to prevent him from filing his report.

“I think you need to back away from me,” the reporter said.

“No, I got hydroxychloroquine, I’m fine,” he replied.

“I’m just standing here, this guy will not get away from me,” he said as a police officer looked on.

“Can you back away?” he pleaded.

“No,” the man repeated walking towards the camera.

The camera then turns to a man holding a sign that read: “Hang Fauci, Hang Gates, open up all our states.”


Talk about insanity!