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Trump Supporter: There’s Election Fraud Because People Who Voted For Biden Were Brainwashed By The Media



The “Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper this week continued to troll President Donald Trump’s fans. This time, he decided to interview those attending the so-called “Million MAGA March” and the answers he got are truly stunning.

Klepper, who had been attending Trump’s campaign rallies for “The Daily Show,” found that the president’s supporters have a bit of a math problem.

“Can no one in the MAGA world count?” Klepper asked after multiple encounters with Trump supporters who struggled with numbers, from the way-less-than-1-million at the march to attendees who couldn’t figure out the election results.

One Trump supporter even had a hard time with the concept of “one.”

Another claimed that voter fraud occurred in this election because Biden voters were “brainwashed by the media.”