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Trump Rages at Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt For Endorsing DeSantis



Donald Trump slams Stitt
Former President Donald Trump and Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. Screenshot

Former President Donald Trump is strongly criticizing Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt for publicly endorsing Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis.

Ahead of DeSantis’ speech in Tulsa on Saturday, Governor Stitt expressed his belief that DeSantis is the ideal candidate to defeat Biden and lead the nation for the next eight years.

Governor Stitt praised DeSantis for his stance on states’ rights and individual freedoms during the COVID-19 pandemic. He highlighted that both governors implemented similar measures to ban mask mandates in their respective states, emphasizing their commitment to protecting individual liberties.

“During the COVID pandemic, DeSantis didn’t surrender states’ rights and individual liberties to conformity,” Stitt stated. “We took similar steps to prohibit mask mandates in our states.”

Stitt also lauded DeSantis as an accomplished leader who has achieved notable results for the people of Florida. He cited DeSantis’ accomplishments in fostering economic growth, improving the education system, and enhancing infrastructure for working families. Stitt expressed confidence in DeSantis’ ability to deliver similar positive outcomes for all Americans.

In response, former President Trump took to social media to express his frustration. He mentioned that Governor Stitt had sought his endorsement before his previous election, and he boasted about the support he provided, which allegedly contributed to Stitt’s victory. Trump expressed surprise and disappointment at Stitt’s endorsement of DeSantis, also alluding to Stitt’s alleged negative views towards Native Americans and criticizing his Senate pick.

“Governor Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, who I didn’t know very well, called me before his last election to say he was in BIG trouble and very much needed my Endorsement. I LOVE Oklahoma & won 77 out of 77 Counties, something that never happened before. Ronald Reagan was next with 56. Anyway, I gave him my endorsement, he immediately went way up, and won. Now, despite the fact that DeSanctimonious is losing to Biden, & me, Stitt just endorsed him. Wow! He disliked “the Indians” & my great Senate pick!” Trump wrote.

Trump’s claim’s regarding winning all 77 counties in Oklahoma during his presidential campaign is inaccurate, as Mitt Romney won all 77 counties in the state during the 2012 election. The last Democrat to win a county in Oklahoma during a presidential election was Al Gore in 2000.

It’s worth noting that Stitt’s endorsement of DeSantis occurred after Trump faced legal trouble related to mishandling classified documents, which stemmed from a federal investigation into his possession of hundreds of classified documents at his Palm Beach property.


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