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Trump Openly Admits It Didn’t Matter If There Was An ‘Imminent Threat’ To Justify Suleimani’s Assassination



Donald Trump tried to justify the assassination of Iranian General Qassim Suleimani during a rally in Wisconsin on Tuesday night. He claimed that it didn’t matter if there was an imminent threat by the Iranian general because he had already killed “thousands” of people.

“We did the right thing, everyone knows,” Trump claimed, despite widespread condemnation of the assassination.

“They’re saying, ‘was the attack imminent — imminent?’ Does the fact he’s killed hundreds of thousands of people and thousands of Americans — horribly killed — and wounded thousands and thousands, that doesn’t matter?” Trump asked.

It is unclear where he got such numbers, as there is no public evidence that Suleimani killed hundreds of thousands of people or thousands of Americans.

“Was the attack imminent?” Trump asked, drawing attention to the key legal burden. “I think they’re going to start a new investigation.”

Take a look at Trump’s remarks in the video clip below:

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