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Trump Mocked After Melania Rejects Him Again: ‘She’s Voting For Biden’



President Donald Trump is being mocked online after first lady Melania Trump was seen jerking away from the president again as they arrived back in Washington on Sunday eveneing.

The president and his family spent the weekend at Trump’s golf club in New Jersey where he spent two days golfing. As the first family was descending the stairs of Air Force One, Mrs. Trump held her handbag in her left hand while holding the railing of the stairs with her right. The president reached for her left hand with his right, only for her to try and avoid it and then ultimately pull it away.

It’s one of many times that the first lady has jerked her hand away after her husband tried to hold it.

The internet responded to the video with their own assumptions about the reason for the move motivated by everything from COVID-19 to politics.

Read some of the comments below: