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Trump-Loving Pastor Compares Being Told To Wear A Mask To Racial Discrimination



David Daubenmire, a conspiracy theorist, racist, homophobe, ranted last week about being denied service at a T-Mobile store for refusing to wear a mask.

During his rant, Daubenmire claimed that being denied service for not wearing a mask is the same thing as being racially discriminated.

“And then I really pulled the trump card,” Daubenmire said, recounting the incident. “I said, ‘I think I was born with this medical condition. I’m not sure. I think I was. And I want to ask you something ma’am: Would you refuse to serve somebody because they’re Black?’”

“I was born with this condition, ma’am, and you would not ask a Black man to step outside of the the building and you’re not going to ask me to do it,” he said. “She stormed away, as you can probably imagine. Ruined my whole day.”

You can watch his rant below:

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