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Trump Lashes Out At Susan Collins For Saying ‘Winner Of 2020 Election’ Should Choose Justice To Replace Ginsburg



President Donald Trump on Saturday lashed out at Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), who issued a statement saying the winner of the 2020 election should choose the justice who will replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

“President Trump has the constitutional authority to make a nomination to fill the Supreme Court vacancy, and I would have no objection to the Senate Judiciary Committee’s beginning the process of reviewing his nominee’s credentials,” Collins wrote in a statement.

“Given the proximity of the presidential election, however, I do not believe that the Senate should vote on the nominee prior to the election. In fairness to the American people, who will either be re-electing the president or selecting a new one, the decision a lifetime appointment should be made by the president who is elected on November 3rd,” she wrote.

“I totally disagree with her. We won,” Trump told reporters as he was departing the White House of a campaign rally.

Trump also said he wants a confirmation vote prior to the election.

Watch the video belwo (Trump’s response to Collin’s remarks come at the 3:55 mark):