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Trump Jr. Launches Array Of Misleading Tweets, Falsely Claiming Biden Is ‘Using Tear Gas’ On Portland Protesters



Still reeling from his father’s humiliating electoral defeat, Donald Trump Jr. wasted no time to attack President Joe Biden with misleading claims.

Less than 24 hours after Biden was sworn in as President, Donald Trump Jr launched a series of accusations and mockery directed at the new president and Democrats in general, as well as the mainstream media.

On Thursday morning, he shared a New York Times story about federal agents using anti-riot weapons on protesters in Portland, Oregon the night before. “Joe Biden uses tear gas,” he tweeted. “That’s how this is supposed to work right?”

He also lashed out at the media over his perceived bias against conservatives. “Imagine how much easier it is to run as a Democrat,” he wrote, “when you have a multi billion dollar main stream [sic] media complex willing to lie and run cover for you at all times! Our media is broken.”

To make the point, he shared screenshots of two news stories: a Washington Post fact check from 7 October, headlined “Trump campaign promotes false claim that Biden would end fracking”, and a post on right-wing website Townhall from conservative author Katie Pavlich under the title “Biden Administration: Yes, We Are Following Through With a Fracking Ban”.

Of course. Trump’s tweet is misleading. The Townhall piece refers to new oil and gas leases on federal land, which Biden repeatedly and openly said during the campaign that he would ban; the Washington Post piece found repeated instances of him making exactly that promise.

Trump Jr.’s misleading tweets are a signal that he clearly intends to continue playing the role of a Biden top critic despite his father’s loss.