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Trump Issues Abhorrent Statement Insulting Colin Powell One Day After He Dies From COVID-19



Donald Trump attacks Colin Powell

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday released a statement commenting on the passing of former Secretary of State Colin Powell —who died Monday of C0VID-19 complications— and he couldn’t hold the urge of denigrating the former General even after his death.

In his statement, posted to Twitter by spokesperson Liz Harrington, Trump called Powell a “classic RINO [Republican in name only]” who “made big mistakes on Iraq” and was always “first to attack other Republicans.”

He also attacked the media for not covering him as glowingly as Powell, a decorated Vietnam veteran who served in various diplomatic, military, and national security roles under four presidents, remarking that Powell was “treated in death so beautifully by the Fake News Media” and that he hopes “that happens to me someday.”

“Given the chance to be gracious about someone’s death, or say nothing at all, Trump takes a decidedly different route,” said New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman in response to the statement. “And of course it’s larded in envy about coverage.”

Read the full statement below: