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Trump Dismisses Breonna Taylor Question To Brag About Being The Best President For Black Community



Breonna Taylor was shot and killed by police officers earlier this year as she slept in her own apartment. This week, only one police officer involved in the shooting was indicted – and not for shooting Taylor to death – but for wanton endangerment for gunshots into neighbors’ apartments.

The case found that the killing of Taylor was justified, which drew backlash from across the country.

Reporters asked Donald Trump to comment on the case, but the president decided to brag about himself instead.

“Do you believe justice was served in the Breonna Taylor case in Kentucky, and what is your message to the Black community who believe perhaps justice was not served by the decision of the grand jury in Kentucky?” Trump was asked.

“My message is, I love the Black community and done more for the Black community than any other president, and I say, with a possible exception of Abraham Lincoln,” said Trump. “And I mean with Opportunity Zones and criminal justice reform with prison reform, with what we’ve done for historically Black universities, colleges, schools, what we’ve done nobody that is done more. Abraham Lincoln, let’s give him the nod, but beyond that nobody has done more.”

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