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Trump Cooks Up Biden’s ‘War On Young People’ In Dark Op-Ed



Former President Donald Trump
Former President Donald Trump. (Daily Boulder)

Former President Donald Trump has penned a op-ed in Newsweek, aiming to win over the hearts of young American voters. The piece focuses on Trump’s promise to shield the younger demographic from what he paints as President Joe Biden’s detrimental impact on the economy and what he deems a “war on young people.”

Trump taps into the financial concerns of Gen Z and Millennial couples, who, grappling with the soaring cost of living, find themselves delaying key life milestones such as marriage and further education.

The op-ed places the blame squarely on President Biden for the perceived challenges before taking a darker turn toward traditional Maga territory. He warns of looming threats from the “Radical Left,” escalating violent crime rates, the specter of World War III, Critical Race Theory, transgender issues, drug problems, and the ongoing challenges at the southern border.

“Under Joe Biden, we are a nation in decline and rapidly losing the American Dream,” Trump declares in the op-ed. “But Biden’s destruction of the American economy is just the beginning of his war on young people. The Radical Left has also unleashed shocking waves of violent crime and bloodshed, making our nation’s once-great cities almost unlivable for young Americans entering the workforce. Joe Biden’s unimaginable weakness on the world stage is threatening to drag the United States into World War III, which would devastate an entire generation of young Americans. And the Democrats’ radical promotion of Critical Race Theory, transgenderism, and other inappropriate racial, sexual, and political content in our schools has divided our communities and frayed the bonds of national unity.”

He added: “When I take the oath of office as the 47th President of the United States, I will rapidly rebuild the greatest economy in the history of the world so that young people can thrive and prosper. I will stop Joe Biden’s inflation nightmare, increase energy production, massively reduce government spending, and bring down interest rates, so that young people can once again afford to start a family, buy a home, and plan for a great future—the basic building blocks of the American Dream. I did it before, and we will do it once again.”

Recent polling data indicates a growing inclination among young voters toward the former president as the 2024 election looms.

You can read the full piece at Newsweek.