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Trump Co-Defendant Cooperating With Prosecutors In Multiple States: Report



Kenneth Chesebro
Former Trump attorney Kenneth Chesebro. (Archive)

Kenneth Chesebro, a lawyer implicated in the fake electors scheme aimed at overturning Georgia’s 2020 election result, has pleaded guilty and is now cooperating with investigations in Michigan and Wisconsin, among other states, CNN reports.

Chesebro, previously a central figure in Donald Trump’s efforts to contest the election, is working with authorities in at least four states to avoid additional criminal charges. This shift in stance is noteworthy, given his role in orchestrating the fake pro-Trump electors who falsely claimed to represent their states in the Electoral College.

Chesebro’s collaboration extends to Michigan, where the attorney general’s office, led by Dana Nessel, continues its active investigation into the broader aspects of the scheme. In Wisconsin, Chesebro’s cooperation marks the initiation of an investigation by the state attorney general’s office, although it hasn’t been publicly announced. Chesebro has also testified in Nevada and is in contact with prosecutors in Arizona.

While he has entered proffer agreements in multiple states, providing some protection, cooperation does not guarantee immunity from criminal charges in the ongoing investigations. As noted by CNN, it remains uncertain if he is cooperating in the federal probe led by special counsel Jack Smith against Trump, who is accused of organizing the fake electors scheme to disenfranchise voters and unlawfully stay in power.

The Trump campaign targeted seven states in 2020, with charges filed in Georgia, Michigan, and Nevada, and ongoing investigations in Arizona, New Mexico, and now, Wisconsin. The Michigan inquiry may have broader implications, examining individuals beyond the fake electors, according to sources.

Despite Chesebro’s cooperation, potential charges in any of the investigations are not ruled out.