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Trump Accused Of Bribing Seniors With New Healthcare Plan By Sending Them A $200 Debit Card



Donald Trump has been touting a secret healthcare plan that will shock Americans and will be the “best” health care plan ever.

On Thursday, at his health care address in Charlotte, North Carolina, Donald Trump announced that his healthcare plan is an executive order that will send out a $200 cash card to 33 million Medicare recipients ahead of the election.

“The America First Healthcare Plan includes another historic provision to benefit our great seniors,” said Trump. “Under my plan, 33 million Medicare beneficiaries will soon receive a card in the mail containing $200 that they can use to help pay for prescription drugs. Nobody’s seen this before. The cards will be mailed out in the coming weeks. I will always take care of our wonderful senior citizens. Joe Biden won’t be doing this.”

While it is unclear which authority gives Trump the power to enact this economic giveaway, it is certain that Trump has been struggling among voters over 65. Many are seeing Trump’s plan as a bribe to sway senior voters his way.

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