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‘Those Children Are Dead Because Of You’: McConnell Buried In Scorn After Blaming Mental Illness For Texas Massacre



Mitch McConnell

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell sparked the ire of the internet after blaming mental illness for the mass shooting in a Texas school on Tuesday.

During his speech, McConnell didn’t offer any solutions to the increasing gun violence in the country, and instead blamed the shooter, whom he described as a “deranged young man” and “maniac,” echoing the views of many Republicans that mental illness is the root cause of many of these recurring tragedies.

The Republican leader didn’t make any mention of the 18-year-old shooter’s easy access to high-powered weapons or any possible preventative legislative measures.

McConnell said it is “literally sickening to think of the innocent young lives stolen” and then proceeded to offer thoughts and prayers for those affected.

His remarks were met with disdain from social media users who put the blame on McConnell for the massacre.

See some of the reactions below: