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‘That Bleach Has Seeped Into Her Brain’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Ridiculed Over ‘Stupid Tweet’ On Immigration



Marjorie Taylor Greene

Far-right U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is facing an avalanche of mockery for claiming that “6 billion” people illegally crossed the US border during President Joe Biden’s time in the Oval Office.

The QAnaon evangelist, who recently called for the dissolution of the United States, was attacking Biden’s immigration policies and for spending time in Ukraine over the last week.

Greene’s talking points echo those of other Maga politicians, who have been using Biden’s Ukraine trip to claim that he is ignoring domestic issues like the Ohio train derailment and the border.

“$113 Billion has been appropriated to Ukraine in just 1 yr,” Greene tweeted. “Trump’s wall would have only cost $22 billion, but Congress refused to fund it. 6 Billion people illegally crossed our border since Biden took office, but Ukraine’s border is the only border that matters to Washington.”

However, a report from the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, found that Trump’s border wall was ineffective at curbing illegal border crossings. The report found that illegal crossings actually became more frequent during the Trump administration.

Greene also failed to note that Donald Trump originally promised to make Mexico pay for the wall, making Congressional funding unnecessary.

Greene’s claim that six billion people crossed the border illegally is wildly incorrect. The population of the world is eight billion, meaning a majority of the planet’s humans would have had to have crossed the border since 2021. The entire US population is only 332 million.

Facing widespread ridicule, Greene deleted and reposted the tweet with a correction to “6 million.”

However, the tweet was up long enough for commenters to screenshot and pass around the image along with their criticisms.

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