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Texas Realtor-Turned MAGA Rioter Threatens Revenge After Being Sentenced To Jail: ‘They Will Be Hearing From My People’



Jenna Ryan

Texas realtor Jenna Ryan, who famously declared that she would not be going to jail for participating in the deadly January 6 riot at the US Capitol becasue she’s white, is now vowing revenge against her critics after she was sentenced to 60 days in jail last week.

Appearing for an interview on right-wing network Newsmax, Ryan claimed she’s a “big-time victim” becasue “they’ve taken my image and used my image to skewer Trump, to skewer Trump supporters, and definitely to skewer myself.”

After complaining about hanving an “attorcious” year, Ryab told told host Greg Kelly: “I’m a big-time victim” and promised that “anyone out there who’s spread lies about me will be hearing from my people in the future.”

Ryan said she believes she’s going to prison because the media made a big deal about her takig a private jet to travel to Washington DC before taking part of the storming of the Capitol.

Watch the video below, via YouTube: