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Texas Man Attacks 72-Year-Old Woman, Steals Her Car, Only To Die In Crash: Report



Shirlene Hernandez

A Texas man got a fatal dose of karma after he brutally attacked a San Antonio great-grandmother and stole her car this week, police said.

According to local station WCAX, 72-year-old Shirlene Hernandez was on her way to a Shell gas station Tuesday morning to get a Diet Coke when she was attacked by an unknown assailant.

“On her way inside, a man grabbed her, hitting her several times in the face in a tussle to take her keys. Hernandez said despite three men trying to tackle the attacker, he still got away with her car,” the station reported.

Not long after, police found her car on the interstate, totaled – and with the suspected carjacker dead inside.

The great-grandmother is recovering said she is still sore and beat up with a bruised face, but she is mostly OK. However, she is left without a vehicle.

San Antonio residents created a GoFundMe page to help Hernandez buy a replacement car. With an initial goal of $5,000, the page has raised nearly triple that amount as of Monday afternoon.

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