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Texas Cops Spark Outrage Over Violent Arrest Of Bicyclist Who ‘Ran a Red Light’



A video posted online showing two Austin, Texas, police officers pulling a man off his bicycle, tasering him and handcuffing him for allegedly running a red light, is causing an uproar on social media, forcing College Park and Texas A&M police to issue a statement.

In the video, the man is tasered in less than one minute after the officer, who appears violently angry, pulled him off the bike, and about 12 seconds after he is told, “you’re going to get tasered.”

The officers claimed the bicyclist was resisting. From the video, however, the man does not appear to be resisting arrest once police forcibly removed him from his bicycle.

“In a statement released to the public shortly after the arrest, College Station police said the 34-year-old man was arrested and charged with evading detention, resisting arrest, and resisting transport,” local CBS affiliate KBTX reported.

None of those charges are crimes until the police are involved. In the video the man denies running a red light. The initial crime was allegedly running the light a simple traffic citation. One which in many states is delegated to cameras. From the police statement, which they posted to Twitter, it does not appear he was cited for that violation.

Watch the video and some of the reactions below (the clip does not appear to capture the initial run through the red light or the initial police stop.)

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