Tag: UFO

Internet Reacts After Mysterious Metallic Sphere Appears On Japan Beach

Speculations are swirling across the internet after Japanese officials said they are investigating a metallic sphere of unknown origin that…

Staff Writer 19 Min Read

Biden Provides Details About ‘Unidentified Aerial Objects’ Shot Down By U.S. Military

President Joe Biden on Thursday offered some details about the unidentified flying objects that were recently shot down by the…

Carl Anthony 2 Min Read

China Says It Spotted UFO Flying Over Naval Base, Prepares To Shoot It Down

Chinese authorities say they are preparing to shoot down an "unidentified flying object" spotted over a major naval base, Bloomberg…

Staff Writer 2 Min Read

Pilots: Unidentified Craft Shot Down Over Alaska Interfered With F-35 Sensors, Had No Identifiable Propulsion System

An unidentified object that was shot down 10 miles off the frozen coast of Alaska on Friday afternoon is becoming…

Staff Writer 3 Min Read
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