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Morning Joe Slams Gov. Noem’s Sickening Boast of Puppy Execution

On Monday, the hosts and panelists of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" unleashed a torrent of condemnation upon Governor Kristi Noem, who…

Staff Writer 4 Min Read

‘Sick, Twisted’: Internet Trashes Trump’s VP Candidate Kristi Noem For Bragging About Killing Dog, Goat

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, a contender for Donald Trump's Vice President, has sparked a furious backlash after seemingly bragging…

Staff Writer 4 Min Read

Hunter Gets Hunted: Notorious Trophy Hunter Riaan Naude Killed In South Africa — Report

Notorious Trophy hunter Riaan Naude, known for “proudly” displaying images of himself with innocent animals that he killed for so-called…

Carl Anthony 3 Min Read

Woman Triggers Animal Cruelty Investigation After ‘Boxing’ Her Dog On Snapchat

A woman has triggered an animal cruelty investigation after a video emerged online showing her hitting her dog hard in…

Carl Anthony 1 Min Read
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