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Supreme Court Sends Trump Packing In Latest Election Ruling



Donald Trump election challenge

Months after suffering a humiliating defeat in the November election, former President Donald Trump continues to lose in the courts as his efforts to challenge the election results keep getting rejected by the judges. On Monday, the Supreme Court denied Trump’s latest bid to nullify his electoral loss in Wisconsin.

In a ruling without noted dissent, the justices rejected Trump’s lawsuit alleging Wisconsin election officials violated the Constitution by expanding absentee voting amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

The justices’ move brought an end to Trump’s scattershot and ineffective legal campaign to overturn President Biden’s victory and added to the abysmal post-election court record of Trump and his allies, which included more than 60 losses.

As a typical practice, however, the justices did not provide the public on Monday with a full view of how they voted on the petition or their reasoning.

The ruling sends a clear message to the twice-impeached former president: You lost.