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Stable Genius Trump Decodes Poll, Claims He’s Winning Even When Losing In Math-Defying Rant



Donald Trump stable genius
Donald Trump, who has called himself a "stable genius", attacked a new poll showing he's losing to President Joe Biden. (Photo source: Facebook)

Former President Donald Trump on Monday went on a bizarre math-defying rampage after stumbling upon a poll suggesting his defeat to President Joe Biden in the upcoming 2024 election.

Taking to his Truth Social platform, Trump launched a scathing attack on Fox News for showcasing the “epic fail” of a poll from Quinnipiac, which he calls a wildly inaccurate snapshot of the current state of the 2024 race.

According to Trump’s self-proclaimed statistical genius, the poll was not just outdated but wildly inaccurate. He then unveiled his groundbreaking theory: the poll’s severe under-sampling of Republicans by a whopping 10 points had miraculously transformed his alleged 4-point deficit into a tremendous 6-point lead. Pure genius, right?

“The Quinnipiac Poll FoxNews keeps showing on ‘TRUMP’ vs. Biden is not just an old Poll, it is a BAD Poll,” he ranted. “It under samples Republicans by 10 points, which means, instead of being down 4 points, I am up 6 points.”

Trump also pointed out that other “real” polls showed even greater heights of victory, although he conveniently neglected to mention their sources. Ever the conspiracy theorist, he accused Fox News of perpetually showcasing negativity toward his MAGA movement and himself, just like they did in 2016.

He wrote: “Other Polls show me much higher than that, but FoxNews will always attempt, as they did in 2016, to only show negatives on MAGA & TRUMP. We’re winning BIG, they don’t like it, the RINOS don’t like it, the Democrats don’t like it but, most of all, the Marxists & Communists don’t like it!”

So there you have it, folks! Trump continues to grace the political stage, now providing us with a new understanding of math. Who needs conventional polls when you can create your own version? You’ve got to love Trump’s alternate universe!


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