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Sidney Powell Is In Deep Trouble After Using ‘Fox News Defense’ In Defamation Case



Sidney Powell

Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell is desperately trying to escape a massive defamation suit by arguing that “no reasonable person” could believe her claims of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election, sparking a swift backlash across all media.

During a CNN panel discussion on Powell’s motion to dismiss a massive defamation lawsuit filed against her by Dominion Voting Systems, legal analyst Elie Honig said it was remarkable how willing Powell was to admit her theories had no merit once she became faced with potential financial ruin.

“Sidney Powell is a massive fraud — that’s according to Sidney Powell herself,” said Honig. “Similarly, the whole election fraud narrative, that too is a complete fiction, complete fraud… as Sidney Powell herself says, no reasonable person could believe this.”

CNN host John Berman noted that Powell’s defense was similar to the defense Fox News used in a lawsuit involving host Tucker Carlson in which the network argued that Carlson’s show should not be seen as factual news reporting.

Honig said that there was no way that this would fly in Powell’s effort to get out of the Dominion defamation suit, however.

“It’s the opposite of a defense,” he said. “Because the two things Dominion has to prove here in order to win its lawsuit are: One, the statements were false; and two, that the person who made the false statements knew they were false. Sidney Powell has now essentially come out and admitted both of those things.”

Watch the video below.