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Self-Claimed ‘Prophetess’ Does Awkward Ritual To Put Trump Back In The White House



Kat Kerr, the “prophetess” who continuously insists that Donald Trump will retain the presidency any day now, posted a video on her social media networks performing a ritual to put the former president back in office.

In a video posted to her Facebook page last week, Kerr stood outside her door in Florida and declared that she has a “declaration of destiny” to share with her followers.

“Right now I declare [hits her staff on the ground three times] and I call forth our president to take his rightful place, Trump, to come forth right now, step into your destiny that God gave you, called you, appointed you, and anointed you for this time to declare over America, to help America, this is his choice and we call you forth right now in the name of Jesus Christ who is with you, who will always be with you — the people are with you, the prophets of God are with you, the military is with you,” she said before striking her staff on the ground again.

“So come forth, step into your destiny now, sayeth the Lord.”

Take a look at the video clip below: