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Security Video Shows Woman Stealing Fully-Automatic Machine Gun From Texas Shooting Range



San Antonio stolen machine gun

A security video aired by San Antonio station KENS-5 shows the moment a woman casually walks away from a Texas shooting range after stealing a fully-automatic machine gun (watch the video below).

Josh Felker, the store owner of LoneStar Handgun in San Antonio revealed the theft last week. he said the woman was considering a gun purchase but wanted to try some firearms first. The woman then proceeded to fill out a liability form before taking possession of the firearm.

“She went out on the range, shot it, came back in with the handgun, and said, ‘I think I want to try out the machine gun,'” Felker said.

The woman rented an MP5 Sub Machine Gun, which can fire up to 900 9-millimeter rounds in a minute, according to the report.

Instead of taking the gun to the shooting range, the woman exited the building and left in a white truck.

Felker took responsibility for the incident, telling the station that “Friday was busy for business” and a couple of hours had passed before the staff realized what happened.

“The staff member who also rented out the firearm didn’t follow the policy in place to prevent thefts like this from occurring,” the report states.

An identification card presented by the woman was determined to be fake.

Watch the report below from KENS-5