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Russian TV Show Goes Off The Rails After Pundit Slams ‘Criminal Bombing Of Peaceful Cities’



Russian TV show host Vladimir Solovyov

A video shared on Twitter by Daily Beast’s reporter Julia Davis shows a rare moment of dissent on Russian television after host Vladimir Solovyov was slammed in his own show for threatening to destroy Kyiv and wipe Kharkiv “off the face of the Earth” in response to Ukrainian fierce resistance to Vladimir Putin’s invasion.

The show got derailed when guest Yaakov Kedmi, an Israeli politician and diplomat, called the host’s ideas to bomb Ukrainian cities into submissions “obscene.”

“It’s obscene, it’s not constructive, it’s criminal to bomb peaceful cities. These words, ‘To wipe Kyiv and Kharkiv off the face of the Earth,’ they should not be uttered, especially in Russia,” Kedmi said as Solovyov stood silent with his arms crossed.

“There were no wars in history, where the bombing of a peaceful city, of a civilian population, ever led to some kind of results on the battlefield,” Kedmi said. “Would they be deterred by that? When did it ever happen? It didn’t happen in any war,” he concluded.

“Fine, then we’ll keep responding on the level of a girl in the 5th grade, who’s crying that our peaceful cities are being bombed,” a visibly annoyed Solovyov replied.

“I didn’t say that,” Kedmi shot back, “but that’s the other option. […] It’s not an option to bomb a peaceful city and its population. […] There are 1,001 ways to fight without touching civilians.”



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