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Rudy Goes On Fox And Inadvertently Reveals ‘All’ Of Trump’s Tax Audits Have Been ‘Settled’



After being away from the spotlight for weeks, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani reemerged On Fox News to attempt to connect liberal billionaire George Soros to a prosecutor’s effort to subpoena the president’s financial records and in the process revealed that “all” of Trump’s tax audits had been “settled.”

Giuliani claimed that the Supreme Court ruling that the president does not have “absolute immunity” against prosecution was “terribly decided.”

“They have no reason to believe that there is anything wrong with his tax returns,” Giulini told Fox News host Maria Bartiromo. “All of them have been audited and all of them have either been passed on or settled,” he insisted.

The president has said that he would release his tax returns when they are no longer under audit, although he has never provided proof that the IRS is auditing his financials.

“There should be some finality in tax returns,” Giuliani continued. “In other words, we get audited, we make a deal, we pay the government — you don’t come after me forever for that. And also, this is the president of the United States.”

Giuliani warned that up to 4,000 prosecutors can now “come after” Trump’s financial records.

“Look at the DAs we have now,” he continued. “We have Soros-elected anarchist DAs. They’re not there to prosecute the law. They’re there to undermined the law. He put them there.”

“I mean, why would Soros pay for DAs other than to undermine our government?” Giuliani asked.

“Wow!” Bartiromo exclaimed.

“For five years, Soros has been funding these and nobody paid attention to it,” Giuliani added. “But he had a reason. It’s to undermine our government.”

Watch the interview below via Fox News.