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Rudy Giuliani Grosses Out The Internet After Bizarre Airport Video



Rudy Giuliani

Last week, Rudy was caught on camera at John F Kennedy International airport. He was eating at a restaurant (lobster bisque and chocolate brownies, apparently). And he was shaving. As in, he actually had an electric razor buzzing in his hand and was trimming bristles from his chin and cheeks as another traveler ate a sandwich next to him.

Not surprisingly, the video was posted online and it quickly set the internet abuzz with people blasting the one-time mayor of New York and former personal lawyer to Donald Trump over the “gross” and bizarre incident.

The video, shot by traveler Nick Weiss at New York’s John F Kennedy International Airport, was reposted by actor Michael Rapaport, who had some harsh words for the disgraced lawyer.

“Look at these disgusting filthy nasty slob ( Rudy Giuliani) shaving in a restaurant at JFK yesterday. You nasty pig you #Rudy,” he wrote.

“You nasty filthy, sloppy, disgusting, filthy f****** animal,” said the actor over the video on his social media pages.

“You f****** pig. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Needless to say, Twitter users piled on: